What is a Community Health Center?

Like all other states in the US, Colorado offers Community Health Centers (CHCs) as affordable health care options for Coloradans located in rural, urban, and frontier areas of the state.  CHCs are non-profit or public comprehensive primary care providers with a mission to provide health care to low-income working families and individuals. Currently CHCs provide a health care home to more than 600,000 of their community members – one in 10 people in Colorado – including one third of our state’s low-income uninsured, one third of Medicaid enrollees, and one quarter of CHP+ enrollees. CHCs are especially able to meet the needs of their communities because more than half their Boards of Directors members are patients.

The new CCHN CHC Brochure displays a detailed map showing the 17 Colorado CHCs that operate 146 clinic sites located in high need areas.  Thirty-six of Colorado’s 64 counties have CHC sites, and patients from a total of 57 counties are cared for at CHCs.  The work that CHCs do is incredibly important for the health of Colorado, and CHC staff, patients, and partners see the impact made every single day.  CHCs are using innovative ways to help care for patients by using state of the art mobile health care vans, electronic health records, and team based models of care.

CHCs provide comprehensive primary health care offering internal pediatric and OB/GYN; maternity and prenatal care; pharmacy; case management services; and disease management programs.  If that’s not enough, Colorado CHCs employ culturally competent staff, including translation services on site; outreach and transportation services; and coordination and follow-up for hospital care.

Working for a CHC is a rewarding experience where staff make a difference. Would you like to help meet the needs of Colorado communities and work at a CHC?  If so, click here to view job opportunities located throughout the state.

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