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Colorado’s Safety Net Celebrate Corps Community Day and Primary Health Care

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October 11, 2013, health professionals, Community Health Centers (CHCs), partners and students celebrated National Primary Care Week and Corps Community Day.  Colorado Community Health Network (CCHN), Community Health Association of the Mountain/Plains States (CHAMPS), National Health Service Corps (NHSC), Colorado Health Service Corps (CHSC), and Colorado Rural Health Center hosted a local Corps Community Day Connection and Awards Ceremony event on Oct. 11, 2013.  The purpose of our Corps Community Connection and Awards ceremony was to celebrate the clinicians who have promoted the importance of primary health care by working in clinics in rural and underserved communities in Colorado.

Mission-driven: Eighteen CHCs and the safety net provide primary health care for one million people in Colorado. CHCs care for lower income people in many of Colorado’s communities. It is known beyond a doubt that CHCs are doing something incredibly important, and CHC staff, patients and partners see the impact made every single day.

The future of health care: CHCs are on the forefront of outcomes-based medicine in a setting that is digitized, integrated and forward-looking.

Meaningful workplaces: CHCs are rewarding, collaborative, innovative places to work. There is something energizing about being part of team doing important work in a creative environment.

Colorado CHCs:

  • Employ health care professionals with a mission to provide comprehensive primary medical, dental and behavioral health care to low-income working families.
  • Provide a health care home to more than 600,000 of their community members – one in 10 people in the state.
  • Participate in innovative quality improvement programs to build health care homes, improve childhood immunization rates, control diabetes and hypertension, ensure women’s health improvement, and better the public health of Colorado communities.
  • Employ more than 3,800 Coloradans in high need communities across the state.

To read the press release on how CHCs, safety net clinics, and the Health Service Corps help meet the needs of Colorado’s underserved go to:

For more information about the 18 CHCs in Colorado, visit CCHN’s webpage.

Are you interested in working at a CHC, please view the most recent job postings listed below and visit the CHAMPS job board to view more postings!

Job ID Job Title Organization
1601 Operations Coordinator Colorado Community Health Network (CCHN), Denver, CO
1602 Registered Nurse Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, Denver, CO
1277 Family Practice Non-OB Physician (MD, DO) Valley-Wide Health Systems, Inc., Canon City, CO
1330 Family Practice Physician – OB Experience Required Valley-Wide Health Systems, Inc., La Junta, CO
1599 Family Practice/Internal Medicine Physician – OB Experience Valley-Wide Health Systems, Inc., Alamosa, CO
1600 Family Practice Non-OB Valley-Wide Health Systems, Inc., Alamosa, CO
1532 Chief Medical Officer Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, Denver, CO
1595 Case Manager/Housing Specialist Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, Denver, CO
1594 Care Manager Plains Medical Center, Strasburg, CO
1592 Clinical Case Manager, Phase One Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, Denver, CO
1591 Education and Advocacy Coordinator Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, Denver, CO
1590 Family Practice Physician Plains Medical Center, Strasburg, CO
1587 Director of Public Health Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association, Routt & Moffat Counties, CO



Another Great Benefit of Working at Colorado Community Health Centers

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Community Health Centers (CHC) are on the leading edge of health care innovation in implementing the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model.  The basic mission of a medical home is to provide comprehensive primary care.  Clinics that are PCMHs build a close partnership between patients and a team of clinicians to provide comprehensive and continuous medical care while maximizing health outcomes.  This model ensures that patients aren’t left alone to navigate the increasingly complex health care systems and that they receive the care that’s most appropriate to their individual needs. Medical homes ensure that the activities within the clinic are focused on meeting patient needs first.  

Through the medical home model, clinics seek to improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of the care they deliver.  PCMHs do this through access to a personal physician who leads a care team (including nurses, nutritionists, specialists, and other health professionals), integrated and coordinated care, and a focus on quality and safety.    

Research has shown that people with a medical home have a 21% less chance of having problems with care coordination, 18% fewer hospital admissions, and 33% lower health care costs.  Further, patients with a medical home have 19% lower odds of dying than those who only see a specialist.  In addition, those who work in medical homes report having significantly higher rates of job satisfaction compared to those that don’t.  

Doctors working in medical homes are not paid for providing the most care, but for providing the most appropriate care.  This includes spending more time with patients to help them make decisions about their treatment, following up with them after they’ve left the hospital, and overseeing the care received from other providers.  

Patient Centered Medical Homes are at the forefront in our changing health care landscape. Colorado CHCs are leading the way in implementing this integrated and effective care model.  Working for a Colorado CHC places you on the front lines of this innovation and drive towards patient centered care.

Learn more about the patient centered care home model, here, and current openings at CHCs in Colorado, here.

Medicaid Expansion in Colorado Means More Opportunities for Job Seekers

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Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed a bill into Colorado law on May 13, 2013, that will expand Medicaid eligibility to 160,000 medically underserved Coloradans. The expansion will help many people who are currently uninsured gain access to health insurance coverage and should help improve overall health care access for Coloradans.

Patients are not the only beneficiaries of this new law. The Medicaid expansion is also projected to be a boon for health care job seekers as more people access health care. In fact, The Colorado Health Foundation recently conducted a study on the economic impact of Colorado’s Medicaid expansion. Their analysis forecasts that 14,357 jobs will be added to the Colorado economy in the first 18 months following expansion (i.e. January 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015). Most of these jobs are predicted to be in the direct health care sector.

As a result of Medicaid expansion, and new health insurance options available through Connect for Health Colorado, the state’s new health insurance marketplace, CHCs expect to see more patients beginning in January 2014, and will need to increase their workforce to meet demand.

That’s more great news for job seekers who are interested in working at CHCs. As you know, CHCs are great places to work, with excellent benefits, respectful hours and the opportunity to practice at the top of a license. Additionally, staff who work at CHCs have the opportunity to help Colorado’s underserved populations and feel rewarded by the work they do.

Many CHCs are hiring. If you are interested in working at a Colorado CHC, view the jobs listed below or search the CHAMPS job board for more.

NHSC Scholarship Program Application Cycle Now Open Through May 14!

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On March 21, The National Health Service Corps (NHSC) announced the opening of their Scholarship Program. The Scholarship Program (SP), unlike the Loan Repayment Program which is open to providers who have finished their training, seeks to select health professions students who are committed to providing care to underserved communities and who want to work in primary health care upon graduation and completion of training. For every year of financial support NHSC provides, the student commits to working at an NHSC approved site in a high-need area for a minimum of two years or up to four years.

Full-time students who are U.S. citizens or nationals must be accepted or enrolled in an NHSC eligible primary care discipline at an accredited school in the U.S. Primary care disciplines include:

  • Medicine (MD or DO)
  • Dentistry (DDS or DMD)
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Certified Nurse-Midwife
  • Physician Assistant

Scholarship award recipients, referred to as scholars, receive tax-free educational payments for up to four years of expenses that include: tuition, required fees, and other reasonable education costs. Additionally, scholars receive a taxable stipend.

Once scholars complete training or graduate, with the help of NHSC staff, scholars choose to serve from a list of hundreds NHSC approved sites in a high-need areas in the U.S. These sites include Federally Qualified Health Centers (also known as Community Health Centers), Rural Health Clinics, Indian Health Service, State or Federal Correctional Facilities, Free Clinics, School Based Health Program sites and many more.

Applicants who would like to learn more about the NHSC SP application process, eligibility requirements, types of NHSC approved sites and required documentation, can visit the NHSC website at:  The application cycle will be open through Tuesday, May 14, 2013.

To learn more about working at Colorado Community Health Centers, visit

No Surprise: CHCs are Meeting and Exceeding the Quality of Private Practice

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What do you know about Community Health Centers (CHCs)? Would you be surprised to know that a recent study found that CHCs are providing better quality care to patients on most quality measures than private practices? It’s true; in August 2012, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, published a study that says just that.  

To find out how CHCs compare to private practice, researchers compared visits made to private practices and visits made to CHCs recorded in the 2006-2008 National Ambulatory Medical care survey. When they looked at how each performed, the researchers found that CHCs better adhere to national care guidelines than private practices on a third (6 of 18) of quality measures. And on 11 other measures, CHCs did just as well as private practice. There was only one measure on which CHCs fell slightly short.

Some examples of quality measures that researchers compared include management of common chronic diseases, use of preventive counseling, use of screening tests, and appropriate prescriptions for elderly patients.

CHCs look even better when the researchers adjusted for patient characteristics. It turns out that people who visit CHCs tend to have more chronic disease and socioeconomic complexity, but when the researchers adjusted for those factors, the private practice primary care physicians no longer performed better than CHCs on any of the measures.

Here at Colorado Community Health Network (CCHN), we are proud, but not surprised by these results. That’s because we know the teams at Colorado’s CHCs are top notch. And we also know that people who work at CHCs tend to really like their jobs. They say that working in a supportive team atmosphere, with state-of-the-art equipment, and with appreciative patients, makes the work meaningful and enjoyable.

If you’re interested in joining a high quality clinical or administrative team at one of Colorado’s 17 CHCs, check out the CHAMPS job board, or visit for more information.

Working at a Community Health Center Pays Off – In More Ways than One

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Every other year Colorado Community Health Network conducts a survey of all the Colorado Community Health Centers’ (CHCs) salary, benefits, and turnover information. In May of 2012, 15 CHCs responded to the survey that provided exciting data about Colorado CHCs.

Colorado CHCs salaries stack up well compared to CHCs throughout the United States and the Colorado private sector.  We learned that compensation for physicians and dentists working at Colorado CHCs is higher than those CHCs nationally and sometimes higher than the Colorado private sector.

Colorado CHC Average
National CHC Average (Source: NACHC Health Center Compensation and Benefits Report 2011-2012)
Colorado Private Sector (Source: U.S Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics Report: Colorado 2011-2012)
Dentist $ 120,415 $ 116,449 $ 132,660
Nurse Practitioner $   89,020 $   81,975 Not Available
Physician Assistant $   87,560 $   80,831 $ 85,440
Physician Family Practice $ 150,589 $ 145,540 $ 183,630
Physician Internal Medicine $ 169,678 $ 160,072 $ 168,439
Physician OB/GYN $ 227,662 $ 227,000 $ 205,470

Colorado CHCs have demonstrated decreasing turnover rates now at 18.1 percent.  Clinical providers are at an all-time low turnover rate of 9.8 percent and mid-level providers recorded at 12 percent.  Colorado CHCs are retaining staff longer and show the average years of employment for:

  • providers at 6 years.
  • mid-level providers at 5.7 years.
  • clinical support staff at 5 years.
  • administrative staff at 6.8 years.

Other than competitive salaries, lower turnover rates, and longer years of service, CHCs provide satisfying employment by offering robust benefits packages, high quality health care, greater scope of practice, relationships and teamwork with other employees, and a mission driven setting.

CHCs are the future of health care. CHCs value innovation by continually exploring new ways of doing things, striving to be ahead of the curve, and listening to and forecasting patients’ needs. Continually making health care improvements within their communities is a constant focus of CHCs.

Learn more about working at Colorado CHCs by clicking here and selecting an individual website link.

Telluride Doc Moves to Norwood: Why Working at Community Health Centers Makes Sense

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Telluride, Colorado is known for a lot of wonderful things: a world-renowned annual bluegrass festival, gorgeous mountain peaks, several excellent film festivals, and of course great skiing. But those impressive accolades were not enough for Dr. David Homer who practiced in the quaint town for 25 years.

This spring, Dr. Homer moved 33 miles northwest to Norwood, Colorado where he’s now heading up Uncompahgre Medical Center (UMC), as their medical director and only full time physician. Although some would question moving from a mountain mecca to a small (but still mountainous) rural town, at UMC Dr. Homer knew he was making a move into the future of medicine.

He’s happy with his work at the local Community Health Center (CHC) because he’s able to provide integrated health care – medical, dental and behavioral health – to everyone who visits. And with 30% of the patients uninsured, he likes knowing that he’s able to provide them the best care without worrying that the cost would put him out of business.

The modern facilities of UMC are a great perk for him too. With electronic medical records, a helipad, and dedicated colleagues, he knows that UMC offers a model that will move easily into the future. Plus he knows he’s part of the cost-saving preventative care that is part of building a better medical system.

Right now, Dr. Homer’s team at UMC is hiring for a Medial Receptionist, but you can check the UMC job listings board periodically for more opportunities. Beyond Uncompahgre Medical Center, there are 14 other health centers, with 141 other Colorado clinics to choose from.

If you’re looking for a job in health care, check out all CHC job listings here.

High Plains Celebrates National Women’s Health Week

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This week, May 13 – 19, 2012, is National Women’s Health Week. A spotlight on women’s health, this week encourages women to make their health a top priority through regular check-ups, being active and eating healthfully, paying attention to mental health, and avoiding unhealthy behaviors.

Colorado’s Community Health Centers (CHC) are among those celebrating National Women’s Health Week. One of Colorado’s rural CHCs, High Plains Community Health Center (HPCHC), is launching special programs and community outreach.

Staff at HPCHC have set aside special times each day to see women in need of care. These special times are open for any kind of service a woman may need — from a wellness exam to addressing an acute illness.

HPCHC doesn’t stop their special health outreach after Women’s Health Week, however. Their community classes and events help their patients – women, men and children – in Lamar and surrounding areas learn more about eating right, being physically active, managing diabetes, and leading a healthy life year-round.

Every Saturday morning, for instance, community members meet for the Saturday Stroll. Families and individuals walk or run around a local park, burn some calories, and enjoy the company of neighbors. Community members can also get support in losing weight with Get Lean Lamar! meetings on Thursday nights.

With these and other programs, HPCHC exemplifies the creative spirit and community efforts found in Colorado’s CHCs.

Does the community outreach and innovation at High Plains Community Health Center sound like your kind of workplace? Visit their website ( for more information, and their online Employment Center to find out more about joining the HPCHC team.

Many positions at other Colorado CHCs are also available. If you’re in the job market, search the list of Colorado CHC careers here to find a position that is right for you.