It’s been exciting and wonderful working here. The population has been really great. I love treating the people. It’s on-par with my passion… love it.

– Dr. Deepak Hona Gana Halli, (General Internist)

There are opportunities in community health centers that you don’t necessarily see in private practice…I actually do more variety here than I did in the private practice I was in before I came here… simply because there’s need for all those different treatments and I have the skill to do them.

– Dr. Derek Petersen (Staff Dentist)

I believe in what we do. I believe in what we offer not only for seniors but throughout the whole Peak Vista clinics. I believe strongly in it.

– Ivette Souchet (Receptionist)
I think everyone wants to do their best work and a Community Health Center is a place where people can fulfill that need to serve others and do it in a way that’s at the highest level in their profession.

– Donald Moore (CEO Pueblo Community Health Center)