How CHCs Help Close the Gap on HIV/AIDS Treatment & Prevention

December 1st is World AIDS Day, which has been celebrated every year since 1988 to show support for people living with HIV and AIDS, to commemorate those who have died of the disease, and to raise awareness. Over 34 million people around the world are living with HIV. This year’s World AIDS Day theme is: Focus, partner, achieve: An AIDS free generation. The theme aims to put an end to HIV and AIDS. Colorado’s Community Health Centers (CHCs) are playing an important role in ensuring that the 11,000 Coloradans living with HIV/AIDS receive the treatment they need.

Colorado’s eighteen CHCs provide services to patients with HIV—including confidential HIV testing—at 169 clinic sites throughout the state to ensure that HIV is detected and treated early, and to help stop the spread of the virus. Additionally, five CHCs receive Ryan White funding or state based grants to provide additional services to people living with HIV/AIDS. At these CHCs, patients can receive medical, dental, and behavioral health services that meet their unique needs. Case managers are available to help schedule appointments, manage medications, and direct patients to additional supportive resources. Pharmacy services are available through the AIDS Drug Assistance Program, which provides access to costly prescriptions and tests. These services, along with health education, substance abuse counseling, and referral services ensure that patients with HIV/AIDS receive the level of care they need.

CHCs offer opportunities for health professionals interested in working with patients with HIV/AIDS to play a role in ensuring that patients with HIV/AIDS receive high quality care. In addition to physicians and clinical support staff who provide primary medical care, some of the positions available at CHCs include:

  • Outreach workers: help spread awareness about HIV/AIDS and connect with patients at remote sites.
  • Health Educators: offer information on disease management, nutritional support, and overall health to support HIV/AIDS treatment.
  • Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians: ensure patients receive the appropriate and affordable medications to help manage HIV/AIDS.
  • Hygienists/Dentists: provide oral health services to patients living with HIV/AIDS to help prevent or treat infections.
  • Lab Technicians: assist with initial HIV testing and continued lab procedures necessary to manage and treat HIV/AIDS.


Are you interested in joining a team at one of Colorado’s CHCs providing HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention? The five CHCs listed below offer services specific to the needs of patients with HIV/AIDS. Please visit their career pages for more information about available positions.


For additional job opportunities, please visit the CHAMPS JOB Board. To learn more about the impact that CHCs have on their communities, please visit CCHN’s website.