Loan Repayment Opportunities for Colorado CHC Providers and Support Staff

Community Health Centers (CHCs) offer employees rewarding opportunities to serve their communities and provide exceptional health care to underserved populations. And while CHCs are mission-driven and collaborative workplaces where staff in a variety of roles can follow their passions for providing outstanding patient care, this is not their only perk. Health care providers and clinical support staff who work in high-need, underserved areas (such as at a CHC or other safety net clinic) may be eligible to apply for certain loan repayment programs. The Colorado Health Service Corps (CHSC), National Health Service Corps (NHSC), NURSE Corps, and Kaiser Permanente Loan Repayment Program (KPLRP) all offer outstanding opportunities for safety net clinic staff to receive financial assistance with outstanding educational loans.

  • Colorado Health Service Corps (CHSC) is a loan repayment program for licensed primary care, medical, dental, and mental and behavioral health providers working in high-need, underserved areas within Colorado, including CHCs. The 2015 application cycle will be open September 1-30, 2015. Applying early is recommended, and applications require personal statements, letters of support, educational loan information, updated resume, among other information. If awarded, staff must commit to working with a safety net organization for three years. Learn more about the program and how to apply here.
  • National Health Service Corps (NHSC) is a national loan repayment program open to licensed health care providers who agree to a 2-year commitment working at any NHSC-approved site in an underserved area (such as a CHC). The next application cycle for NHSC Loan Repayment will open in early 2016. Learn more about eligibility, awards, and application deadlines here.
  • NURSE Corps Loan Repayment Program is a loan repayment opportunity specifically for dedicated registered nurses (including advanced practice nurses and nursing faculty) committed to working at any eligible nonprofit hospital, clinic, nursing school, or other facility located in designated mental health or primary care Health Professional Shortage Area across the U.S. The next application cycle for NURSE Corps Loan Repayment will open in early 2016. Learn more about the NURSE Corps Loan Repayment Program and how to apply here.
  • The Kaiser Permanente Loan Repayment Program (KPLRP) is an opportunity for clinical support staff working in safety net clinics in Colorado. Clinical Support Staff includes registered nurses, medical assistants, dental hygienists and assistants, and any other health care workers who may provide direct patient care but do not possess a degree above a bachelor’s or associate’s degree. This loan repayment opportunity is intended to help ease the burden of prior educational debt for clinical support staff in exchange for a one-year service commitment to their safety net clinic. The 2016 application cycle for the next KPLRP will be open January 1-30, 2016. Learn more about the KPLR Program, including detailed information on eligibility and the application process here.


For more information about various loan repayment opportunities available to health care providers and support staff serving underserved communities, visit our Mission Driven Careers Loan Repayment webpage.

Additionally, if you are interested in learning more about these loan repayment opportunities as well as what it’s like work for a safety net clinic in Colorado, consider attending Corps Community Day on October 9th for an opportunity to network with representatives of Colorado’s safety-net health care facilities, as well as providers, residents, health care workers, and students pursuing careers in primary health care for the underserved.

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